No cables!

New technology is slowly freeing us from the cables so entrenched in our industry. Now the reality of a battery powered, remote controlled event is here. I can't event believe it. This is truly game changing for the event industry and will allow creative lighting designers the chance to really shine. 

LED technology combined with LIthium-Ion tech is how we are going to cut the ties. Really it makes perfect sense that each lighting fixture has it's own power, negating the need for load calculation, hiding cables, burying cables and single points of failure. If a 3 phase cable fails, the event fails. With new emerging systems each light will have a battery and there are no points of failure like this. 

This is very exciting and will bring more affordable options for smaller weddings and events as labour costs are reduced. Planners will love having a remote control in their pockets and no dangerous electricity to worry about. Venues will love their reduced power bills. Everyone wins. 

The main concern is the dilution of our industry as lighting slowly moves from the technical domain and more into the decor and styling world. We are a few years away from this but as fixtures become more prominent and more easily rigged we may find ourselves with a shifting sand industry. 

battery powered lights.jpg